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Legal firms benefit from intelligent automation

Thursday 24th of June 2004

The UK’s Premier supplier of software solutions to the legal profession, TFB plc, have announced the launch of Partner TaskCentre an exciting new business process automation tool.

Partner TaskCentre is designed to help firms streamline business activities, minimise risk and promote effective knowledge management across all levels of practice by automating business processes that link people, organisations and information together.

Adrian Jones, TFB’s Product and Development Manager, is delighted to be able to offer such a dynamic solution to the legal market. “Following the launch of Partner Alert several years ago, many of our clients have told me how much they like the product and how it has transformed their working life. In fact, one firm has gone so far as to say that they cannot live without it now!”

“With such a positive feedback, I know that firms will welcome the next generation solution, Partner TaskCentre. Possessing all of the original features of Partner Alert, Partner TaskCentre incorporates more features and advanced functionality in the form of interactive process automation capabilities, real-time alerting tools, automated document delivery and dynamic database updates. All off which has the potential to offer firms significant cost savings, improved communications and enhanced risk management.

Philip Smith, Managing Director for Orbis Software, also commented on this recent development, “TFB plc are an excellent example of how any solution can leverage the benefits of our leading business process automation tool. It is becoming increasingly clear, that no other solution within our market-space can match our technology offering. On-going feedback from our existing OEM Partners reinforces our claims by illustrating the strong commercial benefits of our product, the slick OEM offering and comprehensive technical support as the three key success factors to the strength of our relationship.”