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Advanced Business Alerts

Organisations today need to ensure that they are instantly notified of situations before or as they happen, enabling them to make better informed decisions based upon critical data events.

In today’s information age, organisations now manage an ever increasing array of information systems, which inherently possess little or no functionality to generate notifications based upon data events or criteria.

TaskCentre® provides comprehensive tools and design capabilities to integrate with any number of existing applications or systems to provide people with the information needed to make timely and accurate decisions; whenever and wherever they are located.

How do Advanced Business Alerts differ from my application’s existing alerting capability?

If your current application came with basic alerting, you will already be aware of its limitations. The challenges faced by your company are unique and the token alerts that came with your primary application were probably not built for your company's needs, but for that of the mass market.

Whitepaper - Event-Driven ERP

Whitepaper - Event-Driven ERP

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TaskCentre Brochure

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Below are just a few reasons why companies with basic or no alerting capabilities turn to TaskCentre’s Advanced Business Alerts:

They are not hard coded - Unlike your existing alerts, Advanced Business Alerts can be configured and reconfigured to address your exact business needs simply and quickly. You will also not lose them when you upgrade your primary application.

You can add them to all your company’s applications - Many organisations run more than one business application and TaskCentre’s Advanced Business Alerts allows you to add this capability to all of them.

They are not only internally distributed - TaskCentre’s Advanced Business Alerts are not restricted to delivery within the organisation. Using our technology, key stakeholders such as suppliers, distributors, retailers and customers can all receive real-time alerts about information that impacts on their interaction with you and your company.

They can trigger other automated processes - Our Advanced Business Alerts have the ability to trigger other more sophisticated automated business processes or escalate the issue to other employees in line with your business rules and procedures. Employees can also interact with our Advanced Business Alerts to end, continue or begin an automated workflow process.

You won’t lose your MS SQL triggers - If you have ever had to upgrade your SQL DB to a newer version you have probably suffered the misfortune of losing all your previously built SQL Triggers. As TaskCentre both creates and manages MS SQL Triggers independently, this issue is eliminated.

You can receive alerts via multiple communication mediums - Unlike basic alerts, Advanced Business Alerts can be received in the form of e-mail and SMS. Reports can also be automatically created and attached to alerts.

They have memory capabilities built in - The memory within our Advanced Business Alerts ensures that escalations and other automated tasks that have been triggered by an alert follow company rules and procedures.

We do not place restrictions on you and your company - Using our technology, you can create as many Advanced Business Alerts as your want.

Illustrations of how TaskCentre®’s Advanced Business Alerts are in operation in organisations today are:

• Bank overdraft within 15% of limit
• Key customer put on credit hold
Human Resources
• Health and safety training overdue
• Sick days abnormally high
• High set-up time
• New drawing revision
Customer Services
• Contract expires in two months
• New call assigned to agent
Logistics and operations
• Delivery due date in 2 days
• Rescheduled delivery
Sales and Marketing
• Overdue contract activities
• Inbound call volume high