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Wholesaler for Sheet Metal and Fabrication Machinery Improves Sales & Delivery Process

Bison Machinery

Bison Machinery Ltd., a supplier of manufacturing machinery (sheet metal, fabrication, sawing and engineering), has improved its entire quote, order and delivery cycle, as well as improved the monitoring of customers’ financial data, having used TaskCentre to integrate its business

How to simplify the Extract Transform Load Process with an ETL Tool

ETL Tool Extract Transform Load Data

What is ETL? Extract Transform Load (ETL) are the three individual functions that provide the ability to push and pull data from a source database and place that data into another database. An ETL Tool is used to maintain ETL

Business Survival Will Be Determined by New Technology and Efficiency of Systems

Business Survival Will Be Determined by New Technology

Technology has completely transformed the commerce environment over the last decade. This is reflected not only in the way that businesses operate, but, more significantly, the way in which customers purchase goods and services. Customers have high expectations in this

Orbis Software Releases TaskCentre 4.7

TaskCentre 4.7

Orbis Software is pleased to announce the latest release of TaskCentre 4.7. This release includes a number of powerful new tools and enhancements to existing product functionality. Included in this release: Call Task Tool This new tool initiates the run

Integrating Magento and Access Dimensions for Security Distributor

Videcon Magento and Access Dimensions

In order to improve its eCommerce offering, Videcon, a leading trade-only distributor of security products and services, installed Magento. Prior to this, Videcon had an internally hosted website which had partial automation with Access Dimensions, simply publishing new items to the site.