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Automated Bank Reconciliation: How to Reduce Exposure to Financial Risk

automated bank reconciliation

Businesses need to execute bank reconciliation procedures on a regular basis. Transaction inaccuracies need to be identified so that exceptions can be investigated and to ensure that financial reports are correct. The time-consuming reconciliation process of manually matching transactions against

What is Middleware Integration? Using Middleware to Integrate Business Systems Is the Best Option

Middleware integration

Application integration is the joining of two pieces of software. This means their two Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) become integrated, allowing for automatic transfer of data sets and instructions between the two. When it comes to seamlessly integrating between two

Automating Notifications & Alerts from SAP Business One

Automating Notifications & Alerts

As a fully integrated, end-to-end business management application, SAP Business One provides organisations with a stable and efficient single platform that can manage most business tasks. It holds a wealth of critical information yet organisations still rely on employees to

Is Your Order Management Process Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Is Your Order Management Process Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are quickly approaching. Traditionally, Black Friday has been a means for retailers to move more stock when the majority of the US is celebrating Thanksgiving. Whilst this is still the case, the internet has increased

Helping the IT Department Cut Costs via System Integration

Cut Costs via Integration

Operating a business has become a major challenge for the IT department. Businesses these days need to have a flexible, stable environment, and each department usually requires its own specific system to be productive and stay competitive. The finance department


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