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Exception Reporting: Automating the exception management process

Exception Reporting

Exception reporting is critical for businesses to quickly identify and address key business process issues before they become a problem. Automating the exception management process ensures that potential issues and the manual monitoring of data is removed. It’s not uncommon

Achieving Operational Efficiency via Workflow Automation

Operational Efficiency via Workflow Automation

Operational efficiency is the capability of an organisation to deliver products or services to its customers in the most cost-effective manner possible while still ensuring the high quality of its products, service and support. Unsurprisingly, improving operational efficiency is a

Enhancing the Power of Elastic Email via CRM Integration

Elastic Email Integration

Elastic Email is a powerful email platform that can help improve email marketing campaigns by easily creating newsletters and sending email more efficiently. However, it still needs people to create or update marketing lists, process unsubscribes in a CRM system

Integrating ParcelBroker with Accounting, CRM and ERP Systems

ParcelBroker Integration

ParcelBroker provides an online shipping system for any business user that has a shipping requirement as well as the added functionality to integrate a live shipping cost calculator into any eCommerce platform. Many businesses will want to push and pull

Evo-ERP: Automating the Importation and Management of Data

Evo-ERP Integration

Evo-ERP is a powerful ERP system for managing accounts, inventory that is optimised for manufacturing organisations. It includes a wide-range of preconfigured programs for importing data. However, due to the system’s architecture, data residing outside of the system needs to