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Integrating Worldpay with Accounting, CRM and ERP Systems

Worldpay Integration

Worldpay is the trusted payments partner of some of the UK’s largest retailers, but also for hundreds of thousands of small and medium sized businesses in the UK and US. This includes over 16,000 hairdressers, over 24,000 restaurants and more

TaskCentre Microsoft Exchange Tool Pack 4.3 Released

Task Centre Microsoft Exchange Tool Pack 4.3

Orbis Software is pleased to announce the latest release of its Microsoft Exchange Tool Pack. Tool Pack version 4.3 includes a number of fixes for known issues and the following new features: Support for Microsoft Exchange 2016 Support for sub-folders

The Benefits of Integrating Magento with Access Dimensions

Benefits of Integrating Magento with Access Dimensions

Access Dimensions is an affordable, easy-to-implement ERP solution that can manage a wide- range of business requirements, from accounting and CRM to stock control and warehouse management. However, consumerism in the modern age dictates that businesses also need to have

A Web Design Agency’s Guide to Business System Integration

web design agency business system integration

The modern web design agency now finds itself at the very epicentre of a client’s business strategy. Website briefs are often as complicated as ERP or CRM specifications, and the expectations of website users are higher than ever. So how

Exception Reporting: Automating the exception management process

Exception Reporting

Exception reporting is critical for businesses to quickly identify and address key business process issues before they become a problem. Automating the exception management process ensures that potential issues and the manual monitoring of data is removed. It’s not uncommon