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Business Process Management (BPM) Software Suite - TaskCentre

TaskCentre is a powerful suite of Business Process Management (BPM) technologies that 'loosely couples' business applications enabling organisations to automate virtually any employee driven business process. Please select the BPM capabilities you would like to add to your existing business applications:


Optimise employee productivity by intelligently routing authorisations and contribution requests.

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Document Automation

Save time and money by automating the creation & distribution of everyday company documentation.

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Web Content Publishing

Keep your web portals synchronised and up-to-date by automating company web content.

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Solution - Automated Credit Control

Solution Spotlight - Automated Credit Control

Discover how to increase company cash flow and eradicate administrative costs.

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Data Services & Integration

Transform all your company applications into one event-driven, service-oriented management solution.

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Subscriptions & Requests

Empower stakeholders to request and receive information without employee intervention.

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Advanced Business Alerts

Receive real-time alerts of critical events; ensuring your organisation is compliant and one step ahead.

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Case Study - Laybond

Case Study - Laybond

Learn how Laybond optimised its production activities and reduced operation costs.

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